Our traditional Drum Major and Section Leader Camps and Clinics focus
on multiple areas of student leadership within the marching band setting. 
These areas include:
Leadership Development
Student leadership is the driving element behind flourishing music organizations. We focus on teaching specific leadership techniques that allow the students to exemplify appropriate behavior, communication skills and attitudes in all life situations.

While learning these fundamentals of successful leadership, students are also challenged to use the skills learned to create motivational techniques specific to the needs of their own program.
Teaching and Peer Helping Skills
SLC focuses on developing a systematic approach to teaching. We challenge students to work in individual and group settings in order to demonstrate the ability to teach in varying environments.
Conducting: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Skills
Conducting technique is the most important skill that a drum major must possess. SLC teaches beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of conducting technique; focusing on developing clear and concise patterns with consistent tempo maintenance.
Marching Technique
SLC uses a detailed marching style designed to develop teaching style, attention to detail, hand, eye and foot coordination, and focus skills.

Our challenging style teaches them how to identify and fix common posture issues and foot techniques within their own marching programs.
Leadership Camps
For Drum Majors and Section Leaders

SLC is a leadership based camp that uses marching band as the vehicle for our educational process.  Students from all areas of marching band are encouraged to participate in any of our camps.  Our process will build confidence, encourage positive peer helping skills, engage teaching methods, and will train students in many areas of marching band development and leadership. 

We encourage participation from:
  • Drum Majors
  • Percussion Captains
  • Veteran Campers (Advanced Camp)
  • College Marching/Leadership Preparation
  • New Marching Band Students
  • Freshmen Marchers
  • 8th Grade Marching Band Preparation
  • Section Leaders
  • Guard Captains
  • All ALC Certified Students (Advanced Camp)
  • Aspiring Drum Corp Students
  • Aspiring Student Leaders
  • Anyone looking to improve their leadership, marching, or teaching skills