SLC Instructors

C-D. Young
-SLC Camp Director (07-16')
-Associate Director Bishop Gorman High School Marching Band (09-16')
-Angelo State University Drum Major, Conducting, Leadership
          Clinician (09-11')
-Bachelor's Degree in Interpersonal Communication (UNLV)
-Drum Major for UNLV Star of Nevada Marching Band (00-04', 06')
-Drum Major for Silverado High School (98-00')
-Drum Major for Las Vegas Honor Marching Band  (2004)
-Drum Major Elite Certification (2000)
-Vegas Vanguard Percussion Theater Visual and Marching Tech (06-15'),
         Bronze Medalist Performance in WGI Finals 2011 "Gladiator"
         Bronze Medalist Performance in WGI Finals 2012 "Anarchy"
         Silver Medalist Performance in WGI Finals 2013 "Ascend"
-4th Degree Black Belt and Instructor (26 Years Experience)
Erlantz Muguira

-SLC Camp Counselor
-SLC Advanced Leadership Challenge Examiner
-Clark County Fire Fighter
-Youth Specialties Certified Instructor
-Drum Major for UNLV Star of Nevada Marching Band (2 Years)
-Drum Major for Silverado High School (2 Years)
-Drum Major Las Vegas Honor Marching Band (1 Year)
-Drum Major Elite Certification (2000)
-EMT Intermediate

Ryan Wiggins

SLC Advanced Leadership Challenge Examiner-
SLC Staff Coordinator-
Community Service Professional and Community Leader-
Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice-
Drum Major for UNLV Star of Nevada Marching Band (2 Years)-
Drum Major for Rancho High School (3 Years)-
Drum Major for the Las Vegas Honor Marching Band (1 Year)-
Drum Major Elite Certification (1998)-

       We pride ourselves in having a very unique instructional staff.  These wonderful people all come from music or educational backgrounds with extensive drum majoring, support marching band staff, college leadership, and director positions. 

       Perhaps more importantly is the work they do outside of the music environment for their communities.  Their backgrounds range from volunteer youth leaders, to firefighters and police officers, to teachers, college students, college coaches, and martial arts instructors. 

       Every year, we come together to share those passions with our students and how music and leadership helped nurture our involvement in the community.
Kacie Stansfield - Color Guard Camp Director

     Kacie has been involved in the color guard activity for 18 years as both a performer and teacher and has loved every minute of it. After graduating from LVHS she went to RCC in 2001. There she had the opportunity to learn from the best in the business Karl Lowe and TJ Doucette and many more. During those first few years she served on the staff of several band programs including Sierra Vista HS, Las Vegas HS, and American Fork HS. She also spent time studying dance and performance at private studios and college campuses.
     She moved to Utah in 2009 and worked with the regional BOA finalist Mountain Crest HS band program. While there she was a part of the visual staff as well as the head guard instructor. Her experience and knowledge helped that guard promote up two divisions and be very competitive there. She has been responsible for bringing many guards in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah much success within their own circuits.     Kacie currently lives in Albuquerque with her husband Marcus and their 3 children.

Ken Young - Section Leader Camp Director

- SLC Section Leader Instructor (2015-present)
- Director of Bands, Carlsbad High School (2010-present)
- Director of Bands, Carlsbad Intermediate School (2006-present)
- Carlsbad Municipal Schools Fine Arts Coordinator (2008-present)
- Director of Bands, Clark County School District (1998-2006): Boulder City
     HS, Eldorado HS, Spring Valley HS
- Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, UNLV 1998
- Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership, Walden University 2010
- UNLV Star of Nevada Camp Counselor (1995-2001)

Leisha Young - Drum Major Camp Director

SLC Instructor (2014-present)-
Drill Writer, Carlsbad High School, (2010-present)-
Mexico HS, Mexico MO (06-present)-
Legacy HS, Las Vegas, NV (2013-present)-
Fulton HS, Fulton MO (2014-present)-
Color Guard Director, Carlsbad High School (2010-present)-
Choreographer, Mexico High School, Mexico MO (2010-present)-
Choreographer, Fulton High School, Fulton MO (2014-present)-
Spring Valley High School (2004-2006)-
Eldorado High School (2000-2004)-
UNLV Music Education Major (1995-1999)-
Associates Degree, Nevada School of Message Therapy, 2001-
UNLV Drum Major (1996-1999)-
UNLV Star of Nevada Drum Major Camp Instructor (1996-2005)-
UNLV Star of Nevada Elite Examiner (1998-2005)-
Drum Major Elite Certification, 1994-