Advanced Leadership Challenge
"The ALC"

The ALC is an additional opportunity offered at the Las Vegas Student Leadership Camp and the traditions surrounding it trace back to the most prestigious drum major and section leader camps of past and present.

The ALC is offered as a part of our curriculum and will allow students to test themselves against the highest standards of student leadership.

The ALC consists of 3 challenges revolving around the core curriculum of the camp.  The conducting, marching, and written exams will be administered throughout the course of the week.  Students will have the chance to take the first conducting challenge, beginning on Wednesday afternoon, and will continue through each challenge as they pass. 

Students who pass all 3 challenges will earn the Advanced Leadership Challenge Certification, which includes a representative pin and t-shirt along with their certificate of achievement.  These may be worn as a symbol of their accomplishment in consecutive experiences with the Las Vegas Student Leadership Camp. 

Students who complete the challenge will also have the opportunity to apply and return to the camp as a future staff member.
Congratulations to the newest Advanced Leadership Challenge recipients. 
We are very proud of all of your hard work and dedication!

Listed Below - Class of 2016 and previous classes.